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Being in the moment is just one of those feelings that climbing can facilitate. Its just you and the climb, the fight to the top and if you have it in you that go to get there. It would be nice to find this more consistently and reach this advantageous and desirable state of mindfulness, wouldn’t it?

But hold on, maybe you can? mental techniques are there to be practiced which allow you to better prepare and deal with those battles more effectively.

An article from Crux Crush by psychiatric clinical nurse specialist Anna Enright, discusses mindfulness and how it can be used to benefit your climbing. Anna has experience working directly with youth teams in climbing settings directly aimed at increasing their competition performance.

“Training focus and awareness is key. Climbing is inherently a mindful activity. Focusing on the route and visualizing moving to the finish is an exercise most climbers engage in. Unfortunately, once on the climb, especially if it is challenging, we lose focus and forget to scan ahead, breathe and allow our body to direct us… If mindful, one can observe this is happening and using the breath, the eyes, and the feel of the holds can help shift the focus back to the present and climb.”

Anna Enright

Mental techniques included:

  • Focus on breath, sounds & body awareness
  • Visualizing peak performance
  • Writing a competition scripts

The tactics outlined are further explained in the articles on the CruxCrush website. These techniques can be used in all forms of your climbing. So if you solely climb indoors, want to gain that extra percent for outdoor projects or enter local/national comps, give this a well written article a read and try them out!

Click Here: Mindfulness in Climbing – Crux Crush

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