Core Training Podcast

Improving Fitness For Climbing Hero Image

So this week I was in the process of creating a new training plan for myself (perks of the job). I often like to try out new and up & coming ideas, or old ones that I have recently found out about and liked. This lead to me evaluating my ‘areas for improvement’ and tackling … Read more

Mindfulness for Climbing

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Being in the moment is just one of those feelings that climbing can facilitate. Its just you and the climb, the fight to the top and if you have it in you that go to get there. It would be nice to find this more consistently and reach this advantageous and desirable state of mindfulness, … Read more

5 Top Tips for Solid Heel Hooking Skills

Heel Hooking

There are a mountain of different techniques that will benefit your climbing. The more relevant technique you can implement when climbing the easier you can make it on your muscles and connective tissues. This post is a focus on uses footwork and the techniques you can use to help provide you with not only a … Read more