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Apex Academy – February Update

Well here we are, a new blog!! Which will, all being well, be updated on a monthly basis with all the comings and going of the Apex team including the Apex athletes, the coaches…and even possibly the parents.
February has been a huge month for the Apex team and has resulted in many big changes and accomplishments for the Apex team.
To kick things off the month’s climbing focus for the team was on dyno’s, specifically paddle dynos (always a popular subject), resulting in many of our members progressing from tentative jumps through the air to incredible air acrobatics. Resulting in a real buzz throughout the team as they steadily progress and discover their abilities more.
This has also coincided with the most recent Apex member, Dan, breaking in to new grades and forging his own climbing pathway which has been extremely rewarding for the Apex coaches to witness.
Speaking of which the coaches have also been busy with big achievements in both professional and personal areas. Firstly, head coach Jamie has been busily plugging away at his Masters degree and is now working with several top coaches and teams in the Midlands, including Chesterfield Ladies Football Club and Chesterfield Tennis Club. We can’t wait to hear what he learns.
Ella has also managed her first V6 by climbing Crossdresser at Cademan Woods. Huge congrats to Ella for that, onwards and upwards!
Dan has also managed a new landmark by achieving his Development Coach Award, passing his assessment in mid February with Katherine Schirrmacher. This makes all the regular Apex coaches now Development Coaches!!
On a more sombre note, we have unfortunately had to say goodbye to one of our long term Apex Academy climbers, Kai, who turned 18 on the 19th of Feb making him an adult. But every cloud has a silver lining and Kai has expressed his wish to continue climbing at uni and discovering and pushing his climbing in to new disciplines, which is great news. We’re really excited to see how you get on from here Kai. All the best for the future from all the Apex team!!

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