Indoor Climbing Coaching


Location: Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield
All year round (Contact me for details)
£38pp / 2.5 hour session
£55pp / 2 x 2.5 hour sessions

A one or two session course (3 or 6 hours contact time), with a maximum ratio of 1;6 per instructor. This course is designed to teach you all the basics you need to know about Indoor Climbing. Upon completion, you should have gained the knowledge and understanding to climb safely indoors and have fun developing your skills when entering into the rewarding climbing scene.

Key components are:

  • How to fit and use climbing equipment
  • Bottom roping & Bouldering
  • Knot tying & how to belay
  • Climbing style and technique
  • Understanding of climbing grades
  • Where to go next

The Beginners course has been designed for novices. The two sessions course will allow us to hone the basic skills of climbing safely, further the climbing coaching aspect and you will get the chance to visit another indoor venue. These aspects will give you a greater knowledge and feel for what indoor climbing is all about, sampling different climbing walls environments

Wall entry included! Minimum of 2 people, up to 6.


Location: Location: Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield
All year round (Contact me for details)
£22pp / 1 hour session

Often nominated as the purest form of climbing due to the lack of equipment needed to experience this fundamental style of climbing. Becoming safe and knowledgeable within a bouldering setting has become more and more important due to the higher frequency of injuries occurring.

This short and sweet session will teach:

  • Safe use of the centre(s)
  • Spotting technique
  • Ethics and protocols
  • How to best use the environment
  • Grading systems
  • Bouldering wall problems & solutions
  • Movement techniques

Wall entry included! Minimum of 2, maximum of 6.