Job Opportunity


Job Title: Climbing Coach

Reports to: Head Coach
Location: To run sessions in Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield and within the Peak District
Hours of work: Part-time; starting at 10 hours per week with a view to progress to full time
Rate: £7.70 – £12 per hour
Closing Date: 07/01/2019

To apply, email with a cover letter (max 250 words) and CV.

Due to the need of filling this vacancy, suitable candidates will be interviewed as and when they apply and the role will be closed as soon as a suitable candidate has been sourced.

We are looking for a Climbing Coach & Instructor to join our growing coaching team, who is able to provide consistent and progressive coaching and instructed sessions for our various Apex Coaching clients. It is essential that the successful candidate be able to travel to Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield and the Peak District, with one venue selected in advance per day. 

Roles, Responsibilities and Scope of Duties:
• Communicate and engage with staff, clients, parents and guardians where appropriate.
• Participate in semi-regular coaching team meetings either in person or via Skype.
• Actively engage in coach development opportunities (with incentives available).
• Continuously monitor the wellbeing of Apex subscribers, liaising with other coaches where appropriate. • Assist and lead coaching sessions within a 1:1, and group setting of either adult or under 18’s

          • Write and implement coaching plans for multiple types and ability levels of Apex clients. 
          • Run outdoor climbing workshops and sessions maintaining the highest standards expected of Apex Climbing Coaching staff.  

• The assessment, monitoring, analysis and reporting on team and individual clients physical and physiological information using relevant technologies and interventions.
• The assessment, monitoring, analysis and reporting on team and individual clients’ technical and tactical information using Apex processes (to be demonstrated if required).
• Implement individual and group strength and conditioning programmes using appropriate periodised plans, modalities, loading and injury minimisation strategies.
• Supporting all other Apex coach’s and staff when and where required.
• Maintain excellent working relationships with external operators such as climbing wall mangers, staff and customers.
• To liaise with other professionals as required (coaching, medical, sports science, and administration) to ensure a complete interdisciplinary support on service provision for clients.
• Provide advice and support to staff and players as appropriate in areas of expertise.
• Use objective and relevant subjective markers to identify areas that need development or facilitate improved performance.
• Design and delivery of activation/preparation sessions for individuals/groups/teams.

          • Delivery of sessions only within the realms of which you are qualified for, flagging any circumstances you may find there is a chance this is challenged. 

• Support clients in their understanding of lifestyle choices and in educating them on the role you’re providing in supporting their performances.

          • Review and reflect on practices, updating staff as necessary.

• Communicate and promote the Apex culture creating a growth mindset environment for the development of all clients.
• Have consistently high standards.

Individual Responsibilities:
• To provide leadership and guidance to the multi-disciplinary team, clients and parents (where appropriate).
• Conduct a 17-week review identifying appropriate areas of excellence and areas which need developing.
• Deliver climbing activities across the phases to enhance best practice.



  • Climbing Wall Instructor Award (via Mountain Training) 
  • 8 hours; First Aid.
  • Current DBS clearance.
  • Foundation Coach Award (or completed training with a view to completion imminent). 
  • Full UK driving licence. 
  • Access to transport. 


  • Rock Climbing Instructor (previously SPA)
  • 16 hours; First Aid.
  • Development Coach Award 
  • Climbing Wall Development Instructor
  • Rock Climbing Development Instructor Award
  • Completed multiple BMC Fundamentals courses.
  • Degree in Sports Coaching, Sports Science or related field. 

Experience Essential
• Understanding of the application of coaching in the real world.
• Previous experience working within a coaching related role.
• Forward thinking mindset to developing the Apex related products and programme.

Skills & Abilities Essential:
• Understands the key concepts of coaching as they pertain to climbing.
• Some basic knowledge of the physical, technical, tactical and psychological demands of climbing.
• Has developed an understanding of the application of strength & conditioning theoretical framework in an applied setting.
• Maintains an up-to-date understanding of key trends in coaching practice and the integration and implementation of new technologies to support clients.
• Interpersonal skills – positive, motivated professional with high moral and ethical values.
• Can lead a group in various settings including on and off wall activities and sessions.

• Experienced in the design and implementation of athletic development and performance plans.
• Previously been part a high-performance team in which staff contributed to a development culture.
• An understanding of the performance and development continuum from youth to senior phases.
• Design and delivery of individual, group and team programs. 

Personal Requirements:
• A flexible approach to working hours.
• Collaborative, knowledgeable and influential.
• Enthusiastic, inspirational and innovative.
• Good communicator who uses their initiative.

Terms of Appointment
• 10 hours per week (with additional hours available during busy periods and as we grow further).
• Holiday pro rata due to part time hours.
• 6 months’ probation.

Special Conditions

  • This role is regarded as a ‘Regulated Activity’ and is therefore subject to an Enhanced DBS check, (previously a CRB check) which includes the barred list for working with children.

Apex Academy – February

Apex Academy – February Update

Well here we are, a new blog!! Which will, all being well, be updated on a monthly basis with all the comings and going of the Apex team including the Apex athletes, the coaches…and even possibly the parents.
February has been a huge month for the Apex team and has resulted in many big changes and accomplishments for the Apex team.
To kick things off the month’s climbing focus for the team was on dyno’s, specifically paddle dynos (always a popular subject), resulting in many of our members progressing from tentative jumps through the air to incredible air acrobatics. Resulting in a real buzz throughout the team as they steadily progress and discover their abilities more.
This has also coincided with the most recent Apex member, Dan, breaking in to new grades and forging his own climbing pathway which has been extremely rewarding for the Apex coaches to witness.
Speaking of which the coaches have also been busy with big achievements in both professional and personal areas. Firstly, head coach Jamie has been busily plugging away at his Masters degree and is now working with several top coaches and teams in the Midlands, including Chesterfield Ladies Football Club and Chesterfield Tennis Club. We can’t wait to hear what he learns.
Ella has also managed her first V6 by climbing Crossdresser at Cademan Woods. Huge congrats to Ella for that, onwards and upwards!
Dan has also managed a new landmark by achieving his Development Coach Award, passing his assessment in mid February with Katherine Schirrmacher. This makes all the regular Apex coaches now Development Coaches!!
On a more sombre note, we have unfortunately had to say goodbye to one of our long term Apex Academy climbers, Kai, who turned 18 on the 19th of Feb making him an adult. But every cloud has a silver lining and Kai has expressed his wish to continue climbing at uni and discovering and pushing his climbing in to new disciplines, which is great news. We’re really excited to see how you get on from here Kai. All the best for the future from all the Apex team!!

Academy Post 2

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