Professional Climbing Coaching

Coaching services for climbers is something that can be hard to find here in the UK, especially for affordable prices. I offer regular sessions in ‘club’ format, as well as tailored coaching that has your goals at the centre of them. I personally thrive on achieving that next grade, getting past mental and physical barriers, and sending a particular project is simply a magical feeling!

Being able to help others achieve these things to, whether training for a upcoming outdoor climbing trip, or general technique building and pushing your indoor grade, is greatly satisfying and enjoyable. Your success is achievable with the right guidance and practice!

Jamie Vardy

Founder of Apex Climbing Coaching

About Us

Meet the coaches behind Apex Climbing Coaching.  With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for climbing, they are sure to push you towards your climbing goals!

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Indoor Climbing Coaching

Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned veteren, we offer a variety of Indoor Climbing Courses to suit all abilities.

Outdoor Climbing Coaching

Take your climbing outside with our range of fantastic bouldering, rope climbing, and abseiling courses for all abilities and ages.

Personalised Training Plans

Looking to push through plateaus?  Get a tailored training programme from our expert coaches to help you reach your climbing goals.

Elite Youth Coaching

The Apex Academy provides a fun, professional environment for keen under 18s to develop and hone their climbing skills.

Professional Coaches

Our highly qualified coaching team will help you achieve your goals; whether it’s breaking into the next grade, or simply having fun!

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If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!  We can usually cater to any coaching requests, and all of our courses can be tailored towards your specific goals and needs.